Fedora Music Editions

Fedora Editions was founded in 2013 by its editor-in-chief, David Harvey, to produce beautifully engraved and practical performers' editions of masterpieces with guitar from the baroque to the present day.

David has enjoyed a professional career as a guitarist of nearly 40 years. He's an experienced recitalist, and has made a special point of playing with other musicians - in duos with violinists, flautists, cellists, singers and other guitarists, and with larger ensembles, particularly in contemporary music. All of the titles originated in performance projects for solo and chamber recitals, and all are performance-tested.

He enjoys a parallel career as a technologist, currently as CTO of social video app and platform Vyclone. Amongst previous roles he spent four years as CTO at Sibelius (which is, of course, used to produce the titles in the edition).

A key principle of the transcriptions is faithfulness — arranging for guitar is often an exercise in compromise, but the solutions adopted will always aim to render an original as closely as possible while remaining both idiomatic and playable. In some cases this leads to novel solutions in registration and fingering. Where the arranger has more flexibility (for example, in realising a continuo bass) we avoid the depressingly thin and uninvolving textures found in many baroque arrangements.

In general editorial annotations and fingering are avoided. In some pieces and passages many alternatives might exist, in others there may be much less freedom: in either case, the policy is to leave space for the interpreter's own solutions. If you have questions or need assistance in solving a particularly puzzling corner, please use the contact form or ask on twitter or Facebook. Similarly, if you have suggestions for further titles, questions about the current catalogue, or would like to submit transcriptions or original compositions with guitar for consideration — we will be delighted to hear from you!!.