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Suite in G, BWV 1010 (4th Cello Suite)

J.S. Bach

A new, recital-ready arrangement of one of Bach's masterpieces for solo cello. A surprisingly complex work, from its extended and stately Prelude to the concluding energetic Gigue.

The suite's original key on the cello (E-flat) lends the music a rich darkness, matched here in the guitar version by transposing the music to G, a minor third over the instrument's lowest note exactly as in the original. The resulting low tessitura gives the suite its special character.

Highlights of the suite? The wonderful Prelude, a gorgeously expressive Sarabande, and one of Bach's subtlest musical jokes in the Bourrées, the first of which is irregular, digressive and expansive, the second tiny.

Suite in G, BWV 1010 (4th Cello Suite) - cover Suite in G, BWV 1010 (4th Cello Suite) - sample page
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